SOS Children’s Village Success Story

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SOS Children’s Villages lacked a way to centrally store and manage the marketing assets it’s various member associations use for fundraising and donor impact campaigns. These activities include stories, images, open design files, and videos pertaining to the children it serves. The organization stored an immense volume of content on various databases that had limited capabilities for bulk uploading, editing, and classification. It also used manual processes that required the associations to file requests to access the content.

Additionally, because many of the assets used for campaigns contain personal details about the children it serves, privacy control was paramount for SOS Children’s Villages. Such information is subject to international legal and data protection regulations, meaning the organization needed a way to ensure it was complying with such privacy laws, while at the same time, controlling brand messaging across all its member associations. This way of working had resulted in unacceptable turnaround times (especially in times of emergencies), inconsistent messaging and branding, as well as a general lack of information on rights clearances.

SOS Children’s Villages sought a global solution that could help it:

  • Better collaboration among member associations
  • Offer 24/7 availability across its international offices
  • Tag assets based on each child and SOS Children’s Villages
  • Scale and adapt as the number of contributing member associations grow
  • Quickly respond to emergency situation fundraising efforts
  • Better control privacy of assets that contain personal details about the children it serves

?After an extensive search, SOS Children Villages selected Aprimo because of its rich out-of-the-box capabilities and open architecture. As the DAM system had to fit into our existing application landscape, Aprimo’s commitment to Microsoft technology and cloud infrastructure was considered another strong advantage.? ? Thomas Rubatscher, International Director ICT, SOS Children’s Villages


Aprimo Digital Asset Management

SOS Children’s Villages purchased Aprimo Digital Asset Management to help it find, foster, and use the correct assets faster for its external communications and fundraising efforts. The scalability, adaptability, and flexibility of the solution weighed heavily in the decision. Aprimo DAM enabled the organization to store and manage the assets in a centralized location, as well as connect them to its fundraising database and content distribution systems. It also enabled SOS Children’s Villages to tag and classify assets into collections to help it to further optimize their use. Additionally, the solution’s integration, centralization, and segmentation capabilities allowed the non-profit to further improve content workflow.

The organization has enabled many of its member associations to access the ?Mediabox? (its internal name for Aprimo DAM), and established centralized processes and permission-based business rules for accessing its content. The organization also enabled its 2,300 registered users to upload content via an app that integrates with the solution.

Additionally, SOS Children’s Villages has been able to expand its use of Aprimo with a second implementation (?IG DAM?) to its Individual Giving and Sponsorship initiatives, giving it better visibility, access, and control over assets used in these fundraising efforts.

Aprimo DAM has given the organization better visibility into the overall usage and lifecycle of assets, more time and cost-efficient omnichannel distribution of those assets for its fundraising and campaigns, as well as control over asset privacy and usage by member associations.

?The DAM is easy to edit and change ourselves without a staff of developers. That’s critical to the successful adoption and scalability as our organization expands the number of contributors to our Mediabox.?- Ute Henning, Collaboration & Communication Advisor, SOS Children Villages


Since implementing Aprimo, SOS Children’s Villages has gained more functionality in how it manages assets across its various member associations and countries. The organization can now respond faster to emergency communications due to the centralized view and automated processes for distribution of all assets, resulting in more effective and efficient content sharing.

The rollout of Aprimo DAM to the Individual Giving and Sponsorship initiatives has enabled SOS Children’s Villages to better serve digital content in the donor journeys as well as increase donor retention. The organization measures the ROI on the new solution via how well its content has performed with donors. For example, by introducing more digital content to donors, it’s been able to bring in an additional 65 to 75 Euro per donor in initial test campaigns with digital products. Further, it’s had a 10-11% increase in donor retention for those that have received the new digital content as part of their 12-month donor journey.

  • 2300 Users
  • 100 000 Assets & Rapidly Growing
  • ?65-75 Increase From Donors Receiving New Assets

?It’s a state-of-the-art system that’s scalable and flexible. For our fundraising success, it’s crucial to have. We?d be lost without it.? ? Ute Henning, Collaboration & Communication Advisor, SOS Children Villages 

About SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental development organization headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. Active in 135 countries and territories, the non-profit works to prevent family breakdown and provide care for children who have lost parental care. The organization supports about one million children, young people, and adults around the world.

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