Pacific Life Success Story

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Organizations need to be, well, organized. But as a company adapts to new circumstances over time, teams can grow apart from each other and start doing things their own way. Once a team gets used to a process?no matter how inefficient’they might resist changing that process, even if a change could mean higher productivity and more time spent on high-value projects.


That was the case for Pacific Life. Three separate divisions of marketing operations were running inconsistent content approval, compliance, and task management schemes. Like most companies prior to a digital transformation, most content was being reviewed on paper, physically changing hands between stakeholders, making reviews?and audits?a very heavy lift.

Design and creative teams in every division were inundated with off-the-cuff, unvetted asks that made prioritization and timely delivery of marketing content a big challenge.

Pacific Life needed a digital way to get all their divisions on the same page, aligned with the same vision for how marketing operations could and should work.

?Designers went from resenting getting tasks in Aprimo to demanding tasks route through Aprimo. With Task Worksheet, designers can show that clients or other people are holding up tasks?which had previously been an issue.? ? Glenn Hom, Marketing Operations Director, Pacific Life


Pacific Life chose Aprimo because of its platform’s capabilities and the experience Aprimo has in the financial services industry. Using Aprimo’s Productivity Management, Pacific Life was able to connect all three of their marketing divisions with a single platform, making the whole marketing operations team more productive and more efficient.

Aprimo Productivity Management

Productivity Management gives Pacific Life the power to create robust, standardized processes that ensure regulatory demands are strictly adhered to, brand guidelines are followed, and content requests are correctly prioritized.

?Aprimo lets us handle content growth without adding headcount. We can handle the volume of work thanks to Aprimo.? ? Paul Kos, Marketing Operations Director, Pacific Life


Pacific Life implemented Aprimo for their three divisions to use together. ?An essential part of the journey was building trust between divisions that, in some cases, had competing goals,? said Paul Kos, Marketing Operations Director at Pacific Life. But Paul’s team built the trust they needed to deploy Aprimo with collaborative working sessions?and they almost immediately saw increased project and work capacity across all divisions.

  • Created a single source of operational truth serving a team of 300 designers, creatives, project managers, and project requestors
  • Built a resilient operations backbone proven by an increase in productivity during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders
  • Reduced project traffic coordinator time commitment by 66%
  • Standardized marketing operations on 20+ workflows and dozens of sub-workflows
  • Audit data became more consistent

?Aprimo takes care of the boring, so the design team can focus on the fun.? ? Glenn Hom, Marketing Operations Director, Pacific Life

Pacific Life has improved productivity across the board, making collaboration easier than ever, and streamlined workflows. Now the entire marketing operations team can focus on doing what they do best: helping their clients achieve their life goals.

About Pacific Life

Pacific Life is a worldwide financial services and insurance company offering products and services to millions of individuals and families over its 150-year history. Their marketing operations teams brought their organization together and ramped up productivity with Aprimo Productivity Management.

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