Grainger Success Story

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Pressure to Progress

Amid a global pandemic, keeping success going is incredibly difficult for businesses of any size. Despite robust market share and a long history of effectiveness and reliability with customers, Grainger started feeling the pressure from both competitors and the challenges of the pandemic to shift toward digital tools. Their speed to market was comparatively slow and they needed a way to quickly plan, design, develop, and deploy their marketing materials.

Aprimo DAM, Seamless Automation

Grainger chose Aprimo Digital Asset Management to help solve their marketing challenges and get the right content to the right customer at the right time. Aprimo enables the global company to make all of their stored content easy to find with automatically applied smart tags and metadata, making finding?and reusing? assets easier than ever for marketers. What’s more, Aprimo has a vast library of integrations and connectors that help Grainger marketers get all the value of Aprimo without having to leave the applications they work most often in, like Adobe Experience Manager or Salesforce.


Aprimo Digital Asset Management

Aprimo DAM gave Grainger the ability for users to access timely, relevant content faster than before, making delivery of personalized customer experiences in any channel much more intuitive and efficient.

The Future of Personalized Content Experiences

Grainger has seen a consistent, upward trend in asset production since their team started using Aprimo, according to Mihir Shah, Marketing & Advertising Technology Leader at Grainger. ?And we?ve done all that without increasing our team size,? Shah added.

Grainger has seen a host of marketing asset benefits since deploying Aprimo:

  • Produced 8,000 assets in 2020
  • 56,000 total assets in DAM
  • and counting
  • Faster asset production
  • Aprimo scales with the company as asset needs expand

?It’s a fully automated, well-oiled integration where we hardly get any errors. We work very closely with Aprimo customer service and the consulting team, but it was a good effort that’s paying dividends for us now.? ? Mihir Shah, Marketing & Advertising Technology Leader, Grainger

Next up for the Grainger marketing team is to fully embrace Aprimo’s smart tagging and AIpowered content selection capabilities to firmly connect customer segments to assets in the DAM, thereby quickly delivering better, personalized content experiences for their customers.

About Grainger

W.W. Grainger, Inc. is a broad line, business-to-business distributor of maintenance, repair, and operating supplies and related products and services. More than 5 million customers worldwide rely on Grainger for products in categories such as safety, material handling, and metalworking, along with services like inventory management and technical support across dozens of industries.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.