Salesforce Connector for Journey Builder

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Create Personalized Customer Journeys and See Why They Work

The Salesforce Connector for Journey Builder brings Aprimo functionality with Salesforce ecosystem efficiency together to help users quickly create intuitive customer journeys and connect results and outcomes to content strategies developed in Aprimo.

  • See how customers interact with journeys – Gain a clear view into all stages of a customer journey, seeing where customers convert so you can easily replicate success.
  • Powerful experiences across touchpoints – Create personalized customer journeys with branching paths that will inspire customers across email, web, and more.
  • Automatically shift with customer behavior – Set automated journey logic that changes the journey based on customer engagement and decisions in real time.

Aprimo Salesforce Connector for Journey Builder

Here’s How It Works

Connect to Aprimo

Sync your carefully designed customer journeys to plans made in Aprimo.

Combine Customer Journeys With Aprimo Planning

See how each branch in your customer journey informs conversion.

Optimize Customer Journey Design

Get robust data that informs your content marketing strategies and quantitatively proves the value of stages of the journey.

Visit the Aprimo Marketplace to learn more about the Salesforce connectors. https://aprimo.com/salesforce/

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See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.