Indegene + Aprimo Connector



Supercharge Aprimo DAM Through Content Data

Generating consistent and accurate pharma domain content data is the key to realizing content’s true potential. Unfortunately, the data behind the content can’t be accessed consistently and isn’t scalable through manual content tagging methodologies. That’s where the Aprimo and Indegene NEXT Commercial Content Intelligence (NCCI) Connector comes into play.

NCCI auto-harvests content pieces from the existing assets and automatically generates content data. That data includes domain-specific metadata categories like key messages, keywords, brand, therapy, indications, etc. The auto-generated content data can be pushed seamlessly to Aprimo DAM, which acts as a single source of truth for all content needs.

  • Modular Content Readiness – Easily find and reuse assets in Aprimo DAM with enriched metadata harvested from Indegene to create personalized customer experiences at scale.
  • Asset Metadata Enrichment – Improved content searchability using pharma domain specific content tags to empower granular content recommendations.
  • Richer Content Insights – Improved reporting through granular metadata to gain insights on user actions, major events, and conversions.

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Here’s How it Works 

Aprimo + Indegene NCCI Configuration

A one-time platform configuration allows data and assets to be exchanged between Aprimo and Indegene NCCI with continues status updates.

Content Pull

Based on the asset availability and status of the content data in Aprimo DAM, the Aprimo NCCI API connector pulls the assets at a specified frequency for content data generation.

Content Data Push 

The content data consisting of asset content metadata, harvested components, and their metadata are pushed to Aprimo through Aprimo NCCI API connector. The relationships between asset and harvested components are automatically created in Aprimo.

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