Modular Content for Life Sciences

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Optimize Content Reuse, Maximize Content Budgets

Modular content helps you create personalized experiences by breaking high-value content into separate reusable components called blocks. Use blocks to create new content faster, get it into more channels, and localize it to more regions.

  • Great Content at Scale – Modular content blocks can be repurposed to help content that’s already been approved scale up across channels and across geographies. 
  • Compliant Content – Ensure content blocks are always compliant by putting the medical, legal, and regulatory review (MLR) processes in place that your content requires.
  • Multi-use Content – Speed up time to market by repurposing approved content and putting new content pieces together with blocks.

Modular Content Solution Brief

Here’s How It Works

Develop Powerful Content Blocks

Create and approve high-value content blocks that will drive providers to act on your brand.

Ensure Content Blocks are Findable

Tag and link content blocks to related assets for easy findability for reuse in localized marketing material.

Create New Content Sets from Modular Blocks

Modular content blokcs are placed in new combinations, or sets, to quickly create new content ? for personalized, channel, or regional experiences ? without sacrificing compliance or time to market.

NEW Aprimo Modular Content Solution Brief

Efficient Content Creation

Get brand marketing materials in front of providers and patients

Make Data-driven Content Decisions

Gain inspiration for new content blocks by using AI to surface related assets, and by gaining access to content performance data that shows which assets have (and have not)  performed well in the past.

Make Any Content Type Modular

Create blocks from 3D, text, InDesign files, images, ad videos?all types of content, all at your fingertips. Even manage claims and references.

Accelerate Creative File Creation

When creating assets in Adobe Creative Cloud, easily swap content blocks in and out with Aprimo’s Creative  Cloud connector.

Faster Time To Market

Effectively manage and easily find all content blocks for reuse

Explore Related Content Blocks

Easily view all related content components and brand guidelines in one place. Even create automated, hierarchical links so users can understand the relationships between different content blocks.

Find Creative Packages

Upload creative packages and automatically manage each element as separate content blocks that can be reused and repurposed.

Content Analysis

Quickly view an asset’s status? whether it’s approved, approved with restrictions, or must be pulled from market. For assets that must  be pulled, easily view where the content block has been used and quickly find alternative content  blocks to replace it with.

Robust Content Management

Securely share, review, and distribute all content blocks

Branded Templates

Create reusable templates for marketers?even those with no design skills?with defined rules on what they can or cannot change so they can easily swap approved content blocks in and out.

Automatically Package Content for Review

Package newly created content pieces for MLR review and regulatory submission. Even include attestations and checklists to help make MLR a snap.

Serve Content to Other Platforms

Content blocks, and their associated metadata and usage rights, can be exposed to execution platforms with Aprimo’s 70+ connectors. Execution platforms can then choose the best content for the customer.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.