Aprimo Smart Tag Trainer



Fuel Your Content Discovery Engine

Enhance the value of your DAM with AI-powered image search. Enrich your images with data from advanced AI models trained to know your organization’s unique products and services, ensuring the right image is delivered to the right audience every time.

  • Boost Team Productivity – Reduce time spent on human asset corrections through AIautomated custom tagging and metadata generation.
  • Enhance Findability – Ensure key partners, suppliers, and revenue teams find the right images needed through business-specific keywords.
  • Improve Channel Readiness – Streamline your customer experience by applying custom image data in the DAM that can be carried through to all your sales and marketing channels.

Smart Tag Trainer Product Screen

Customized to Your Organization’s Needs

Accuracy and Relevance

Cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies analyze and tag your images with precision and recall, identifying the brands, products, objects, and people that matter most to your business.

Control of Your Data

Complete flexibility to keep sensitive data within your organization and define the taxonomy and structure that best feeds your unique workflows.

Self-Service Implementation

Intuitive user interface in DAM for easy and fast setup, image curation, selection, and management. No coding or data science required to train custom tags.

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