Aprimo Brand Management

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Create Rich, Consistent Omnichannel Experiences

Aprimo’s brand capabilities equip all teams? internal and external?with everything they need to create and deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences. With all brand assets, guidelines, and templates in a single location, you can rest assured that only on-brand content and experiences make its way into market. 

  • Marketing Teams – Streamline content creation and iteration with quick access to on-brand assets, guidelines, and templates.
  • Sales Teams – Point your sales teams to a single location for access to brand and campaign content to share with prospects and customers. 
  • External Teams – Maintain global brand consistency by ensuring all your agencies, partners, and external teams are only using onbrand assets. 

Aprimo Brand Guidelines and Portal CPG


  • Ensure Brand Consistency – Allow brand managers to create and share brand and campaign guidelines, logos, and more directly in the DAM to make sure only on-brand and on-message content is created.
  • Curate Unique Brand Experiences – Create dynamic brand portal experiences for all your brand and product lines?with unique URLs for each one.
  • Empower Non-Creative Users – Give back time to your creatives and designers by empowering anyone to easily create personalized content or localize content for use in different markets. 

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.