Aprimo AI

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Unlock New Levels of Efficiency and Effectiveness

Leverage a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that accelerates content creation, supercharges asset discoverability, automates asset management, and ensures brand governance.

  • Streamline Content Operations: Reduce the cycle time to take new experiences to market by automating manual and repetitive tasks for your teams. Accelerate your brand’s content supply chain.
  • Stay On Brand and Compliant: Democratize content creation within your business. Ensure brand safety and compliance with digital rights, copyrights, and industry security standards.
  • Increase Marketing ROI Speed: Speed up every part of your content lifecycle and promote the reuse of assets with a modular content strategy. Find, not just search assets as AI surfaces existing content like never before.

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Feel the Difference of Intelligence-driven Agility

Asset Discovery, Supercharged

Go beyond just auto-tagging to have AI fill out much more file metadata, increasing metadata density and quality. Combined with an intelligent search engine, your users discover assets faster than they ever imagined.

Content Assistance Anywhere

Deploy AI solutions trained only on your own assets to help users answer questions, create new content, check for compliance, or annotate documents with suggested corrections. Accelerate the creation, use, and reuse of assets.

Get Creative, Stay Secure

Our innovations lead with security, governance, and brand compliance. Automatically detect when AI is used to create an asset, stamp it on the file, and trigger review workflows.Keep your content completely secure from third parties or public language models.

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Accelerate Content Creation

Smart Actions and Content Coach

Get AI to write a blog, summarize, localize, or review any DAM asset or collection.

Smart Transform

Change backgrounds, models, expressions, remove objects, and extend images based on context.

Smart Crop

Create image variants easily by cropping images based on areas of interest or a focal object.

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Automate Asset Management

Smart Tagging

Get recommended tags for images and documents, including company-specific taxonomy.

Predictive Metadata

AI automatically ingests document content and adds appropriate metadata for users to review and save.

OCR and Speech-to-Text

Extract text inside rich media and transcribe videos to make them significantly more discoverable 

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Amplify Asset Discoverability

AI Search

Search in natural language and get visual or text assets surfaced based on a deep understanding of the content.

Video Summary

Auto-create descriptions and time-based summaries that make videos discoverable and reusable.

Similar Content Recommendations

Leverage asset recommendations based on facial recognition of similar models, themes, or objects. 

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Ensure Brand Safety & Compliance

AI Content Detection

Automatically detect AI-generated content, stamp the asset, and trigger a review workflow.

Smart Action Reviews & Workflows

Check for legal compliance, truth in advertising, or contradictions, marks up assets, and suggests edits.

AI Cost Tracking

Monitor, report, and optimize how much team members spend on generative AI models like Dall-E, Scribe, Jasper,… 

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