The Guide to Digital Asset Management Adoption

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Not sure how to best configure your digital asset management platform? Read our free ebook for the step-by-step, and get the most out of your DAM while avoiding maintenance woes.

According to a recent report, the global DAM market is projected to grow from $4.2 billion in 2022 to $8 billion by 2027 ? and for good reason.* A modern digital asset management platform helps teams find, manage, and reuse approved content more efficiently.

Before diving into your DAM, it’s essential to take time to properly prepare it. Otherwise tracking, updating, and archiving all of your assets will be a painful process. Even worse: It could result in missed KPIs. Read our free ebook to get your DAM set up right the first time around

This ebook covers the critical steps to a smooth DAM adoption. Top highlights include:

A deep-dive into getting started with DAM adoption

How to run productive DAM planning sessions

The importance of metadata and taxonomy 

A handy DAM adoption checklist 

Ready to perfect your DAM setup and save hours of asset maintenance? Download our free ebook.

*Markets and Markets report, 2022.

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